Colda Kasar´s Domain


Colda Kasar’s Domain is a game where the player aims to destroy the enemy’s tower using his deck of cards. There are different types of cards, and the player must use Resource cards to gather the resources needed to use the Attack and Defense cards to fight the enemy. If none of the cards on the player’s hand can be used, the player must discard one and wait for the next turn to draw another card from the closed deck. For each battle won, a new card is unlocked, allowing the player to improve his deck and become stronger. Choosing your deck for each battle requires strategy abilities from the player as every one of them has a different purpose on the quest to defeat Colda.

Play solo against the enemies or challenge a friend to a duel via Bluetooth.

Embark in a journey to the world of Colda Kasar, choose from over 60 cards with original artwork to build your deck and conquer all the towers!

The game was removed from App Store cause is to OLD!
But we gonna remake this awesome game with new features!